What is Domain Authority and Domain Ranking?

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It’s not a secret that every brand out there is trying its utmost best to outrank its competitors in search engines and be that person or company that shows up as the number one.

Domain authority ranking is definitely an easy way of understanding how Google ranks every website. It is a way of predicting how promptly a website will rank on search engines. The official term as well as algorithmic score were invented by the good folks at SEO software company Moz.

Domain authority is ranging from a score of 1 to 100. Remember that, the higher your score, the better chance your website will be ranked.

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From Google’s vantage point, domain authority’s like your website’s reputation as a thought leader. The search engine uses your domain authorities to make sure you can provide the highest-quality content about your specific niche. If you do, it is possible that you will have good domain authority and Google will boost your content’s rankings. In contrast, if you don’t, you will have bad domain authorities and they won’t rank your content.

Furthermore, Moz’s domain authority scale is also logarithmic, which only means that when your domain authority ranking is higher, it will be harder for you to improve your authority score. For example, increasing your domain authority ranking from 80 to 90 is more challenging than increasing your domain authority from 30 to 40.

A higher score indicates a stronger website that’s more imminently to rank higher in the search engines. A lower score means a weaker website that will have and face trouble ranking for competitive keywords.

How to influence and interpret Domain Authority Ranking? 

Always bear in your mind that domain authority ranking is not an absolute measure of your website’s search engine standing. Same as all other third-party tools, use the domain authority as a directional tool for you to monitor your overall SEO progress. Keep a close eye on traffic and rankings, when those are improved, then domain authority ranking should generally follow suit.

The most efficient way to impact your website’s domain authority’s to institute the best SEO practices.  On-page optimizations, link building,

and social media marketing will slowly help your domain to build its authority.

Consequently, it always makes sense that the biggest factor in increasing your domain authority is also backlinks. While n

it’s not always so outright, it’s safe to say that in most cases, the stronger your link profile, the higher your Domain Authority.

How to boost your domain authority to rank as higher as you want? Theist below is some of the tips that may help you.

1. Get links from high Domain Authority websites

Getting backlinks from high domain authority websites plays an important role in not only improving your own domain authority but as well as improving your page authority.

And there are multiple ways you can get such authoritative backlinks for you to grow your link profile. For example, guest posting is a great technique to do so. You are vitally exchanging a piece of content for a backlink. Remember that the higher the Domain Authority of that website, the stronger the backlink and the more link is passed onto your own site.

2. Eliminate and minimize spammy links

It is not just about earning strong links but not getting a large number of spammy websites to link to you is also important in keeping a high domain authority ranking. In terms of rankings, Google has gotten better at ignoring spammy links rather than penalizing websites for them.

But, it is still  important to clean up your link profile frequently by doing a link audit and  removing spam links manually, or disavowing them.

3. Get links from real websites

Recently, there are people who are faking the domain authority ranking scores. Perhaps, you may be thinking if it’s possible, then, the answer is yes, it’s possible. There are people who actually do that mainly in order to deceivingly sell backlinks on their websites for a price that’s higher than they’re really worth.

Besides, there are many websites out there that have a good historical link profile but have been inactive for the past few years. Sometimes, they’ll even have expired because the owner stopped working on them.

Some SEOs will buy up domains like these and build a network of websites with high domain authority, but no traffic, and then build links to their own websites they want to rank.

Therefore, a huge signal of a strong link nowadays is also measured by how much traffic that linking the website gets.

4. Make Sure That Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

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A large number of online users access the web using their mobile devices. If you think your website hasn’t been optimized for mobile use yet, then for sure, you are way behind.

This will not only hurt your mobile search engine rankings but certainly, you will lose out on a lot of visitors who will simply leave your site once they have realized that it’s not being properly displayed on their smartphone or tablet.

5. Promote your Content using Social Media

Considering that social signals are a big ranking factor, very likely, you need to promote your content on social media in order to obtain those signals. Or else, your content is just there on your site sitting all by itself.

To promote your content on your several social media pages, don’t forget to make sure to encourage followers to like, share, or comment on it. Plus, you should also include social share buttons directly on your webpages.

Domain authority ranking score is not a new phrase in the world of SEO, but there are many bloggers who are unaware of domain authority and it’s biggest significance. As you found out, your domain authority ranking will be higher once your domain authority is in, meaning Google acknowledges your content ranking.

Find your domain authority ranking score using Moz by simply entering your website link and it will directly show you your score, how many of your links come from unique root domains, and among all, how many keywords you’re ranking for as a result.

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