The Reason Behind Other Website’s Success

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Behind Other Websites Success – SEO (search engine optimization) requirements are constantly shifting, making it hard for other companies to keep up with the latest advancements. However, a determined company will always thrive its way up to the top list so it has to stay alert at all times. 

Sites that are well-optimized hold the ability to acquire immense traffic over time which also means that they possess more leads and sales.

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Reason Behind Other Website’s Success | SEO Agency

According to Rachel Bartee, a study made by Chitika in 2013 reveals that the page that is classified as the top-notch in Google’s results garners an average traffic share of 32.5% while the second page accumulates 17.6%. From then on, the number of visits decreases up to the 15th page with only 0.4% traffic gained.

So, what does it really take for a company to be on top of its competitors? Below is the list of the things that every publisher should focus on as it enters the world of SEO:

Content Creation | Websites Success

With Google search engine’s continuous developments, every content that sites have to offer is observed and synthesized by bots, commonly known as “crawlers.” This happens when users search for something in Google, the algorithms then evaluate the possible search result that could be suggested to them. That is why content should be produced with creativity yet relativity to people who will be looking for it.

There are three things to consider when writing a full-packaged content – the length, keyword usage, and comprehensiveness

Pages that contain a great deal of content are most likely to be favored not only by Google’s search engine algorithms but the users as well. Unlike those pages with thin content, people preferred much lengthier yet informative and enticing content as time is very crucial on a daily basis and they cannot afford to be wasting it while looking for sites that will cater to their research.

Publishers should have a keen knowledge of what their pages are all about as it should be tending to one central topic. With the help of keywords, Google acknowledges the stand of the page. However, keep in mind that unnecessary usage keywords, known as “keyword stuffing” should be avoided as they should be basically inclined to the page topic and properly placed.

Nobody likes to read something that is beyond their understanding capacity or something that is poorly made. So, the inclusion of visual elements such as image, infographic, videos, etc. in one’s content is a great way to improve user experience. 

Mobile Optimization | Websites Success

Websites Success | On-Page SEO for Mobile - seo agency, local seo service, local seo companies, white label seo, local seo expert,
On-Page SEO for Mobile | CHKMe Organic SEO Agency

As the number of people using smartphones or tablets grows, publishers are pressured to keep up with the optimization of their websites which were initially designed for desktop viewing. In 2018, 80% of top-ranking sites were modified for mobile optimization, mobile-friendly, or adaptive to a variety of smartphones. It was a good investment though, as more than half of the global web traffic comes mainly from mobile devices.

Smooth Page Load | Websites Success

The pages’ ability to swiftly load or reload also indicates a better user experience and is regarded as one of Google ranking factors. In general, the standard speed load of a page in desktops should not be 3 seconds or less while in mobile phones, the standard speed is up to 2 or fewer seconds.

Backlink Profile | Websites Success

Nowadays, the authenticity and credibility of site pages are evaluated through their backlink profiles which are referred to as the made up of all different sites with links that were directed back to that site. 

How is this major cause for lifting the site’s search engine positioning is measured? It is specifically gauged by the quantity of backlinks, link authority, and diversity.

Having more sites directing backlinks to a certain websites success gives off a certainty that they are socially verified and regarded as useful as other publishers’ perceptions towards them are relevant and worthy enough to link it on their own sites.

Although an increase in backlinks signifies a good readership, spam links should be avoided because black hat SEO sites are all around the internet, creating pages that will contribute to getting backlinks.

What happens when the site is involved in this kind of unethical tactics? It will bring an unfavorable impact on it as Google is now taking against it by prioritizing those that carry quality links. Furthermore, they even launched the Penguin Algorithm Update to capture sites that are buying links or acquiring them through link networks.

The last thing to consider is getting inbound links, not just from a number of different domains that are prominent and recognized by many, but also those domains that are covering a wide range of industries.

Social Signals | Websites Success

Despite Google’s revelation that shares from different pioneering social media sites do not directly count as an element to search engine ranking, the evidence of sites ranking up on Google search results because of social media shares is undeniably vivid. Hence, accumulating more social shares does help in ranking even if indirectly. Social media’s presence is indeed a good instrument in amplifying a site’s page.

In the end, prioritizing other factors like marketing, branding, and publicity success, a dedication to further content developments and gaining links from old and new authority sites lead to a site’s success on search engine rankings

Lastly, generating outstanding content that users will prefer should be taken into account. Although the goal here is to rank higher than other websites success, there’s no denying the essence of SEO is to serve users the things they wanted to look for as any of them is a potential client and it’s a great way to increase leads in the digital age.

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