The Best Ways to Craft A Guest Blog Pitch

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Leveraging Guest Blog Pitch for SEO is more important than ever. Guest blogging for SEO has been around for a while, making online business expand credibility and establish a good reputation. Every SEO must utilize guest blogging to rank high on search engines.

Guest posting provides a great platform to promote your brand. In addition to obvious SEO benefits, guest posting is a great way to build brand identity and gain more leads from potential visitors and clients. As more and more people start to see your brand in the blogosphere, they are more likely to visit your website.

Branding is a significant part of digital online marketing, and guest blogging helps your brand become more famous online. However, Guest blogging isn’t straightforward. You will need to provide high-quality content, establish a relationship with other bloggers, and construct strategies to attract the audience for leads. This is why hard work and attentiveness are needed to have a successful guest posting. You need to study the blog, its audience, and then pitch your idea.

If you have come here to look for some tips on crafting a perfect guest blog pitch, then you have come to the right place.

The idea of learning the guidelines on how to get your guest post accepted is essential. On the other hand, determining your own pitching and developing your own skill might be the best option as every blog has different requirements, gets read by a diverse audience, and has other editors that value other things.

Nobody can give you the exact formula, but you can gather an idea and create your own. Traits of a guest blog pitch that works

The best approach to craft a guest blog pitch is personalization

1. Make your guest blog pitch topic fit hand-in-glove

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When it comes to pitching a guest post, the subject plays a crucial role. According to the internet, experts say that one of the most critical factors for a guest blog pitch is the headline or the topic. Even if you ask any well-known blogger, they will agree that the subject is what truly matters.

Now, what makes a topic or headline quality?

So here are the elements that determine a quality topic:

  • The topic needs to be in tune with the theme of the blog

Bamidele Onibalusi of says, “The actual article he proposed is ideal and perfect for my blog. I run a blog for freelance writers, and who in my position, wouldn’t want to publish an article on how to go from $15 to $450 per article in under 90 days. The content alone was responsible for at least 80 percent of the success of this pitch.”

  • The topic should be in tune with the current content being published on the blog.

Pitching a guest post has the best chance of getting accepted if it is in tune with the current content published on the blog right now.

  • The topic should be what the audience wants.

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, an editor at, says that a blog post must be suited for the target audience. Publishing content that the audience wants is a big hit.

  • The topic can be a follow up to something already published.

If you want to improve your chances of getting accepted, it could be a good idea to make your topic follow up to a post that has already been published on a blog.

2. Personalize your email | Guest blog pitch

When someone looks at your email, pitching your guest blog, they consider your email’s personalization. 73% of experts say that email personalization matters in a pitch.

Personalization can be really simple. You don’t need to complicate things up. Here are simple tips on how to make a personalized email.

  • Mention the editor’s name in your email
  • Add a reference from their recent guest posts or the products they offer
  • Be genuine

Take note that you don’t have to include a note in your email, such as, “I really enjoyed your last post about HEADLINE.” Make sure that your email makes sense.

3. Prove that you are the right person

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Editors receiving your pitch guest posts will naturally start questioning your expertise. What you need to do is to prove that you are the right person because of your experience. According to the internet, 73% of experts say that previous experience matters.

Jordan Teicher, a Contently associate editor, says, “If you come to my experience and can weave it throughout the narrative, you definitely have my attention.”

To prove yourself, you can provide some samples of your writing. It is good that you present content that has been published on the other sites.

4. Make it Short

Topics or headlines are the ultimate things that matter in pitching a guest post. However, people don’t have time to read long emails. You need to keep it short, concise, informative, engaging, attractive, and sweet. Guest Posts Pitch that is short and straight to the point automatically accepted. Write short and concise emails.

5. Make it Correct

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Before sending your email, make sure that you check your grammar. Your ability to write quality content will surely come into question if you are not even able to send a well-written email. People will find it hard to believe that you are an expert if you can’t convey why you contact the editor or can’t explain what your post will be about. A quality email itself is an excellent factor in pitching your guest post.

Dj Thistle of says, “Proofread your email. This is a must. If the site’s language is not your first language, then find someone to proofread your email, which is native to the language. This shows that you’re the type of person that cares about high-quality content.”

6. Be Confident

The experts in the field of guest blogging believe that your confidence pays off. Being confident with your work actually brings good vibes. When you look at the chances of being accepted through the winning pitches, confidence does stand out very visibly.

Just be confident with your content and believe that it will be taken in a positive light by the blogger you want to show.

7. Other factors

  • Say that your content hasn’t been published anywhere
  • Include Images
  • Follow the technical guidelines
  • Have a sound email signature
  • Use a branded email address


Saying good things about yourself doesn’t mean that every audience will trust your brand. Having someone else acknowledge your work and reputation can significantly impact the trust of your audience.

People won’t be inclined to believe an author that is solely praising their own book, but seeing your piece with an independent review rating at five stars will surely affect their assessment of you.

Above all, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice from experts. Most bloggers work hard to fill their editorial calendar and are happy to have someone fill in (as long as the topic is relevant to their blogs). Also, do not be afraid to consider having someone guest post on your blog as well. They can help you expand your audience as they will bring their readers with them and will often add you to their own blogroll.

When you have done things right, expect the best results. Nowadays, a guest blog pitch is a potent tool to promote your online business. Though it takes time, effort, and money to figure out how to make it on top, it certainly pays off. Your hard work will surely pay off and bring success to your business.

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