What is Local SEO? How to Set Up Your Business on Yelp, Bing, and Google

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization.

We realize that not everyone has the time to work on their own local SEO and if they did it would be very few that would have an idea what they were doing.

This specialty is important to all businesses that are geographically based, but are not utilizing geo-targeting to draw local customers to them.

The process is one that is designed to draw the local customers doing internet searches for things they want to buy to your site where they can see what goods or services that you have to offer them.

In order to be competitive in the marketplace, you need to be visible and have page views on your website by targeted local customers and that is what a local SEO service is ready to do for your company at this time.

Today more than ever, there’s a need for all businesses to have a presence on authority sites as well as their own website or blog. This is one of the parts to the Local SEO strategy and is key in adding credibility to your company. As well as in some cases social proof which is another key. We focus on setting up the platform for others to provide the social proof in a natural unsolicited manner.

What does Local SEO Do?

The objective of the Local SEO Firm is to provide businesses that reside in a fixed location and/or cover a certain geographic area the Local Search Engine Optimization that they need to reach their prospects in the local area they serve.

Our desire is to serve customers who see the need for Local SEO We start serving people by doing a free consultation. Then define the needs, create the solution, and submit it for review. Once things are agreed upon we will work hard to assist the business owners in creating more visibility which is produced through local SEO coupled with local search.

This will give the business the opportunity for enrichment resulting from leads generated that convert to sales. Ideally if the new customers generated from the sale are happy they will let people know about your company. They may do this via word of mouth, in person, on the telephone or even online which will naturally generate more leads as you have more satisfied customers.

An example of local SEO is Yelp.

Local SEO: Yelp

Here’s an example of how Yelp is utilized in any local search strategy.

If you look at the Yelp interface you’ll see a couple of the recommendations that have been done for local businesses based upon personal experience which is truly the social proof element of Local Search.

You see with the Localized Search Engine Optimization strategy that social proof is an essential component of the various authority sites that are available for businesses to utilize. It is only one part of the strategy, but it’s an essential one that takes a lot of time, but when done one at a time consistently the result will be better rankings and more targeted local website visitors.

A local SEO service can create a proposal spelling out the Localized Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Strategy to perform or the same type with an hour or two of consulting with the business owner or representative to assist them in starting up with their own Local SEO Strategy we are here to serve you. Incidentally you should ask about a Social Media Strategy as well since with the hybridization of the three parts of the strategy will increase the amount website visitors giving you more opportunity to convert to sales from the better exposure.

Local SEO: Bing Local

Bing Local also needs to be utilized as a part of any local search strategy. This will provide you a much needed resource for the public.

You can start setting up your Bing local profile to get your business some more of the needed local presence.

Go to Bing Local https://ssl.bing.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspx

Add your business name, phone number and address.

Bing will confirm that your business isn’t already registered and tell you to either edit or create your Bing Local business profile.

Complete all fields and remember to provide the pertinent information.

Be sure to include your keywords in the text, website link(s) (if applicable) as well as your images. This helps to validate your business and to potentially improve rankings.

Utilize Bing’s websites area to add additional relevant links to your listing. Depending on your business it could be brochures, menus, Eventbrite for your planned events, Information on services you provide and pricing, and any other things which are important to promote your business.

Verify your listing.

Bing will send you out a confirmation letter to your business office.

Take the code in the letter and go to the website as listed and confirm this and you’ll have your Bing Local Listing!

Note about Bing:

Regrettably Bing Local is a US only local product at this time, though you can try to set one up in your respective companies. If it works for you in another country be sure to comment I’d love to know about it!

Local SEO: Google Places

The local search sites that have been covered including Bing Local, Yelp, and now Google Local will provide local traffic to your website and to your place of business when it’s properly implemented. When it comes to keeping up with the Local Business neighbors, there is occasionally something that should be in your online armory before them.

Google Places is a must have and should already be in your arsenal.

Did you know that Google Places are Mobile optimized? When a search for a Local Business from a Mobile device is carried out, the Mobile searcher will be presented with a map with relevant marked Local Business locations near where the Mobile viewer is located. The marked Local Businesses are Google Places listings.

Below the map are the usual results except with a slight twist. If your regular (Native) website is mobile optimized it will be shown in preference to a non mobile optimized website. This is because it should be a better experience for the mobile searcher.

Having your regular website mobile optimized can be expensive and still may not be optimized for the majority of the 5000+ different mobile devices, screen sizes and operating systems.

Having an edge over your competition is by way of a free standing mobile website. With the addition of a short bit of html code in your header before the content starts a mobile searcher will be redirected to the mobile website. These mobile websites are constructed to meet all mobile best practices and need to be direct and provide basic information about your business. The searcher will already know what your Local Business is about so they just need a location, phone number and opening hours.

You can also add in a bonus or discount coupon if they show that they used their Mobile device to find you. With a Mobile website you will also get a QR code so you can display it in external advertising that will take the scanning person directly to your Mobile Website.

To Conclude…

Hopefully you’ve already gone through the process of what to expect, the benefits, and how to utilize the features for your businesses benefit. Local search isn’t a new thing, but there are new things being added all of the time. The important thing is to take the information that is shared with you and apply it.

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