Law Firm Logos

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The Typical Logos 99% Law Firms Have

When most people think of law firms, they think about the iconic scales of justice or the judge’s gavel.
If you do a quick Google search for “law firm logos“, you’ll mainly find variations of these over-used and staid icons.

In 2020, the competition for law firms and legal marketing continues to rise. The demand for legal services steadily goes up each year, and every market research indicates that lawyers and their services will remain important and crucial in the future, even during a time of global pandemic.

As competition increases, attorneys are looking for ways to differentiate their firm from the rest. If you’re looking for a way to make your law firm stand out, you’re just in luck, because we’re going to show you law firm logo designs that you’ll be proud to represent your business.


How Do Law Firm Logos Look?

Take a look at the typical “law firm” logo.

It’s difficult to tell them apart from one another when they all use the same drawings and the color scheme of either gold or blue. Not that gold and blue are bad, but when you’re designing your firm’s logo, you deserve one that stands out from the rest and is unique to your brand.

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“Typical” law firm logos

One benefit of the classic logo style is that the imagery is so classic that it is instantly recognizable as representing a law office. There’s a sense of familiarity that using these common legal icons can bring, and a creative designer can find new ways to incorporate those elements while still making it seem different.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite law firm logo designs from graphic designers on These logos are great examples of how we can take what is familiar and traditional of our industry, but still come out with a unique, attractive logo that any law firm can proudly display on their letterheads.

The Court Pillars

This is a great example of creatively mixing two elements: the firm’s name, and the classic pillars of the court.

The Scales of Justice

The scales of justice are the classic signs of a law firm. Everyone is hoping that their firm will swing the case to their favor, and allow their case to be found strong before the scales of the law. The great thing about the scale is that the outline of the shape is so signature, that we can take a lot of creative license with the logo design while still making it recognizable.

Firm’s Initials

A class logo design incorporates the firm partners’ initials or other significant letters of the firm’s identity.

Mountains / Peaks

We’re actually not too sure how the symbol of mountains and peaks became connected with law firms or the legal industry… But you can commonly find this motif in a law firm’s logos. This can be problematic because mountains are also associated with other industries and types of businesses. If you want to use the mountain peak symbol in your logo, you have to be mindful of what’s going to make your symbol stand out from everyone else’s.

These were some of our favorite design inspirations of what a law firm logo should look like. It doesn’t have to staid or boring in order to be professional and formal. Aim for a combination of classic and modern, and select a color palette together with your designer. The color palette, font, and image used in the logo will determine the look of the rest of the site as well.

Did you have a favorite style you saw above? Or do you know of a great legal firm logo design?

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