How to Promote Your Blog

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Millions of unborn ideas roam free on earth. From the success of deciphering ancient pictographs; to the revolution of ink and paper—which handed the world keys to the myriad traces of history. The brilliant discoveries uncovered from the past paved way for today’s generation to settle in comfortably with the infrastructure of the present society.

Since the internet launched and made accessible to people, it became a gratuitous virtual habitat for the many. It served as a limitless facility to record observations and it became versatile in no time. The cyberspace not only provided opportunities in the economic and political landscape, but it housed communities. Countless innovations contributed to the growth of the internet’s architectural system; with the creation of the world wide web and web browser, it was able to adapt and constantly improved with better connection speeds and meteoric rise of technological devices to conveniently access the web. The information ecosystem can be compared to a tube that connects and transmits messages on a global scale. As a result of the interactivity and connectedness, the electronic world creates, the word “blog” emerged.

The term blog was popularised in the late 1990s by John Barger who ran a blog called “The Robot Wisdom Weblog” that he established in 1997. He aimed to put up a log of every site he found compelling on the web. He included commentary about the links he published to initiate an open discussion and encourage people to get engaged. Blog built a space for ordinary people to express themselves deeply and openly through the transformation of thoughts into a tangible form. People began to shape their thoughts creatively into writing.

In 2003, WordPress dominated the internet by providing a platform to bloggers while moving from a virtual space to the leading content management system worldwide. WordPress, a company that has under 500 employees, managed to reach 26% of the web, with a 59.4% share of the CMS market, compared to its rival, Joomla, which has only a 6% share. According to the marketing agency, Mediakix, more than 400 million blogs are circulating on Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress alone.

The blog platforms gave rise to a multifaceted public sphere that offers a wide range for freedom of speech without any barrier regulated by cultural gatekeepers. The emerging platforms found on the world wide web provided podcasting, visual journeys, and booming social networking. The upswing of blogging stood alongside with the internet’s potency to influence and effect change. From out of John Barger’s era, with endless ideas in the mind, it is evident that any individual can translate their ideas into blogging. Yet, it is requisite to help oneself to understand how blogging got where it is today and how to take off from there. Fundamental strategies are vital to let a blog be heard and get the public interest flowing towards the blogger’s vision.

With millions of internet users, it takes a village to be seen online. Out of sight contents are often hidden gems but lacked the potential to get the public engaged. For content to be successful with blogging, it needs to get the audience going. Here are fundamental ways to promote a blog:

Be a dependable friend

Behind thriving blogs, the content producers make sure their content supplies instrumental and worthwhile stories or information to their target audience. It is imperative to observe the blog from a distance and be a critic of your work. Start from a clean slate, eliminating your dissatisfaction from your previous mistakes until it is ready and safe to be disseminated. A blog can be compared to the quality of food before feeding it to the consumers. Will it be healthy? Will it be beneficial and stimulate the public enough to get a Michelin star?

Content should be a trustworthy friend that provides valuable information consistently. A friend that serves answers and bestows a momentary escape from the unending stream of busyness.

Balance Transparency

Weaving the threads of content out of convenience would not help in the long-term. There should be a continual ignition of ideas flowing through you relative to your product or brand. Let your content be found and get your message through the tubes connecting you on a global scale.

Keep in mind that aside from creating captivating content, it is primal to optimize the blog content by employing on-page and off-page search engine optimization or SEO. For example, if you search for an entry online using familiar keywords such as “how tos,” “where tos,” “way tos,” numerous related articles will appear. This will let your blog be reachable and visible to the audience. Optimizing your blog for search gives your blog a chance to be discovered, and shared. Being transparent as a blogger, you allow the light pass through you, you consent your content to be seen and behind that, you allow yourself as a blogger to be found behind your masterpieces.

Build a parking lot

Your blog is a world molded by your hand and mind. Create a parking space wherein others can park their cars on your blog, and revel in your work. From there you expand and keep those cars coming in. With a vast space, collaborations can be helpful for two great minds to meld their craft together, letting the volume of your voice be multiplied. Most successful bloggers let others partake in their growth or vice versa. Connectedness with other bloggers and content producers provide flexible and dual content on certain topics, which often gives the audience multiple perspectives and views. Collaborations often provide the post in exchange with a link back to

your blog site. In which, increases the chance to get public intrigue and interest. Building relationships with other bloggers contribute to your networking strategy.

Process your work

Promoting blogs can have unforeseen weather. As a content writer, be firm with your beliefs and goals. The rise of blogging is not always sunshine, often thunders of good or bad criticism come flooding. It is necessary to re-evaluate one’s work and examine how the public will receive and accept your content.

Yet while many contemplate the cyberspace cultural impact, economic play, and its warped augmentation of reality dominating the physical space, the internet often uncovers the underlying clump of inventions crafted by ideas. Blogs have upsides that in actuality uplifts people. They are accessible to the sensations, in reality, this infrastructure is you as a blogger and this large landscape with multiple societies seeing your work.

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