How to Optimize Your Click-through-Rates to Improve On-page SEO

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If you want to optimize your click-through-rates (CTR) for your website, you need to understand more about the type of people who regularly visit your platform, or like your products or services. By knowing this information, you will also be able to draw click-friendly visitors regularly to your site. Even if your CTR does not increase your SEO ranking, it can be optimized to better engage your audience.

click-through-rates, What is Technical SEO?
What is Technical SEO?

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

A high organic Click-through-Rates (CTR), in the eyes of Google or any other search engine, means you will also get higher conversions. For example, if you increase your CTR by half, you will also do the same for your conversion rate. When you consider SEO and CTR together, an optimized Click-through-Rates (CTR) can become an important foundation for improving on-page SEO. Therefore, you cannot sit back and ignore the importance of optimizing the click-through rate.

Get Rid of Boring URLs

So, how do you go about making a difference? What improvements do you need to consider? One quick change, which you can make right away, is to make your URL more descriptive. If you are not getting enough click-throughs, it may be because your URLs are generic and boring. By revamping your URLs, you can increase your Click-through-Rates (CTR) rates by as much as 25% or more. 

 Making Some Revisions | Click-through-Rates (CTR)

It also helps to forfeit those extra keywords in your titles if they do not inspire people to click on your website. If you want to say bye-bye to blah-blah titles, you will need to take on a whole new approach, especially if you want your click-through-rates to fly through the roof. In this instance, you can really get creative, so put on your thinking cap. You can either make your titles more descriptive and long or keep them punchy and short. Maybe you want to kick-start your page by formatting your title, as follows:

Use an emotional hook and keep the content type and your subject in mind. You also want to investigate the content on your site with the lowest click-through rates. Look at the total clicks, and impressions along with the click-through rates. Focus on fixing these low-performers by improving the titles and getting rid of keyword-heavy descriptions or title tags.

Making Improvements in Your Titles – Providing Emotional Hooks

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Okay, now you are ready to provide some emotional hooks. Emotions inspire people to click, not drab title tags or ho-hum descriptions. Okay, let’s look at the differences in these two titles:

  • Everything You Need to Know about Oral Cancer Screenings

Alright, that title may be okay, but it does not promote any click activity. Give the person a reason to click on the title and find out more. For example, you might change the above title to the following:

  • Oral Cancer Reaches an All-time High: Why Haven’t You Been Screened?
  • That Red-and-White Patch May Not Be Harmless – Get Screened for Oral Cancer Today

When it comes to clicking, you have to think about what would make you click on a title. What would inspire you to learn more about a subject?

How Do You Want to Present the Headline?

To write a title that invites clicking, you need to figure out the role you want to take when presenting this kind of headline. You can choose from one of four personas:

  • The bearer of bad news
  • The hero-villain
  • The feel-good friend
  • The Joker or Comedian

For instance, take a look at the following title, which is SEO-focused:

  • Is Your Husband Cheating? Find Out More About What You Can Do

Now, take the same SEO-based title and give it more of a more emotional hook or click-through-inspired format:

  • Is Your Spouse Sleeping with Someone? Here’s a Revenge Technique that Will Make You Smile

In this case, you want to present a title as a hero-villain. If you create a similar title as the bearer of bad news, it might be written as follows:

  • Studies Show Cheating Prevails at All Levels: Don’t Let His Conservative Nature Fool You

Again, you are grabbing the reader’s attention with an emotional hook – one that will keep the reader wanting to find out more, thereby improving the click-through rate.

Use a Numbered List

Research reveals that using numbers in a title can increase the click-through-rate by as much as 36%. Therefore, you can greatly improve click-through-rates by creating a numbered list. Not only can readers follow a format, they can scan the list on any type of mobile device or electronic.

Here is how you can change an SEO-focused title to a more click-friendly title.

The SEO Title: Learning How to Ramp Up the Loading Speed for Your Website

The Emotional, Click-friendly Title: 12 Hacks that Will Increase Your Web Loading Speed to a Lightning Fast Rate

How to Make Your Title Truly Engaging | Click-through-Rates (CTR)

If you want to make your title stand out to your audience, you need to follow a specific format and support the format with certain elements.

For instance, you may use one of the following formats to decide on a title:

  • A list
  • An infographic
  • A quiz
  • Facts
  • Strategies

Power Words to Consider

Once you think of the format for constructing your title, you need to provide a power word or emotional hook. This may take the form of one of the following types of words:

  • Unreal
  • Shocking 
  • Powerful
  • Awesome
  • Amazing

Next you will need to focus on the content type and the subject.

Types of Content

 Types of content might include the following:

  • Images
  • Quotes
  • Strategies
  • Facts
  • Pictures

Examples of Subjects

Finally, consider the subject. Following are examples:

  • Love
  • Dogs
  • Health
  • Gardening
  • Marketing

As you can see, you need to follow an established pattern to create a click-friendly title – one that also tells the search engines what a page is about. By taking this approach, you will find it both fun and challenging to create on-page SEO titles that will also attract lots of visitors to your site.

Looking at More Click-friendly Titles | Click-through-Rates (CTR)

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For example, using the information above, below are examples of titles that elicit a more emotional response and therefore lead to better click through rates.

  • Answer These 5 Powerful Questions to Find Your Perfect Match
  • 7 Ways to Determine the Shocking Truth Behind a Co-worker’s Lies
  • 3 Super Easy Ways to Get Your Dog to Obey Basic Commands
  • Instantly Jump Start Your Metabolism by Eating this Miracle Fruit

As you can see, each of the above titles provides an emotional hook and can be adapted to a specific format or type of content. They also fall under a specific category, such as relationships, dog training, or health. 

Sometimes you make sacrifices when it comes to on-page SEO and creating a click-friendly title. You may have to focus more on optimizing your click-through rate if your SEO-focused titles are not drawing enough visitors to click onto your site.

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