How To Get Glowing Online Reviews for Your Website (updated 2021)

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According to data statistics, 85% of small businesses consider that word-of-mouth referrals are the number one way customers will know about them. It is great for businesses to get referrals in that way. However, people will do the next thing to search on Google to see what others say about your brand. Whether a potential client was sent your way by a friend, they will usually search you online, check out your brand and online reviews, and begin to build a relationship with you. That is why the business’s success must learn how to get glowing online reviews for their website.

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If you are not convinced yet, here some interesting stats from BrightLocal that you didn’t know:

  • 82% of clients read online reviews for local businesses.
  • 76% of prospects trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.
  • 91% of people say positive reviews

10 Simple Steps to Get Glowing Online Reviews

You are probably wondering how to get glowing online reviews from your previous clients. It is easy if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Push yourself to do good work

    Doing an excellent job to satisfy your customer will increase your potential to get more glowing reviews. Good work means you satisfy your clients with the services you provide, and they will leave you with positive feedback and reviews. Make sure to deliver the best services so that your customer will leave you with positive comments.

    Do your part in dropping hints for your client, before you are done working with them. You can start with a conversation asking them how they found out about you, from there, you can mention that you get your customers from your online referrals. It is good to link your Yelp or any social media account page in your email signature. It would be a lot easier to ask for reviews if you have done primary initiation ahead of time.

  2. Setting up your profiles and claiming ownership

    Getting an account from different review sites can accomplish a few things:
    -Attracting dedicated users. (Yelp has 214 million reviews)
    -Your brand will show upon searching your business on Google or different search engines.
    -They make sense for your brand

    Make sure to choose the appropriate review sites for your business and start setting up your account.

    If someone has already set up your business page or other review sites, you need to take ownership of the page, so you have control over it. Don't forget to claim your ownership. Once you control all relevant profiles, you can now represent your business processes and transactions accurately.

  3. Identify your best candidates for reviews

    When it comes to determining the best candidates to ask for reviews, there are two important points you need to consider.
    Ask someone who recently received your services to write up a customer review of your business.
    Not everyone you have to serve will be the best candidate for a glowing review.

    Be sure that you are selective enough to approach a client who can leave positive feedback on your business. Keep in mind that you have to focus on clients who are satisfied and have a positive opinion of you and reach out to those who interacted with you recently enough to remember your name.

    Note: Asking those not-so-ideal clients for feedback could be a source of information that improves your services. They could be less satisfied, but you can ask for their honest answer, take what they say, and improve your services.

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  4. Find the right time to ask 

    If you are running a more transactional business like auto repair, spas, salons, etc., you have the opportunity of being able to ask for customers to review more casually. You can display review stickers at your physical location, or you could directly ask them for reviews.

    For a business with longer transactions such as insurance companies, real estate, mortgage, and the like, you need to put more thought into planning how to get online reviews strategically. Ask for reviews after the transaction has been completed or within a couple of weeks. You should ask customers for a review who still has their experience fresh in their minds.

  5. Ask 

    Asking your client for their reviews can be done in different ways. You can try to email, phone calls, or through texts. You can also use postcards or face-to-face requests. Just make sure you use the most comfortable method for you.

    After your client is 100 percent satisfied with your services, you can immediately ask them. You can start thanking them for choosing your brand and explain that great clients help your business grow. Be polite in your approach, stay humble.

  6. Keep it short and concise

    In asking your customer for a review, never hesitate to specify things. Like for example, asking your customer to write about their experience on your Facebook Business page or Yelp. In that way, you are asking merely, yet specific, clear, and easy to follow.

    You should be blunt on what you want from them so your client can give an honest review. Simply asking, “Is it possible for you to write me a review?” is not enough. Make things as smooth, clear, and specific.

  7. Follow up and ask again

    After asking, you should follow them up as people are busy and can easily forget things out. You have to put a lot of effort into working on the best way to get glowing online reviews. If you get a verbal confirmation that someone is willing to write a review for your brand, but doesn't happen, be considerate and reach them out after an appropriate amount of time and ask them again.

  8. Give your appreciation

    When a customer writes a review for your business, they are putting their reputation on the line for the general public who might see their reviews. Do not forget to thank them as they show trust in your business and services.

    If you got a good review on your Facebook page or other review sites, don't hesitate to reply publicly and say your thanks for their honest review. You can do the phone call to personally thank them. Remember, just because the business is done doesn't mean you have to stop building a relationship with your customers. 

  9. Assess, Tweak, and Repeat

    In your business, it is important to keep track of your approach as you get started. A google spreadsheet or excel would help track information like date of transaction, first ask, follow up, phone calls, email, text, in person, and success rate of people writing reviews.

    This strategy will allow you to figure out the exact process to get glowing online reviews. Once you understand it well, make it a part of every deal or transaction your business has completed. Repetition will help make a habit.

    Not all of your customers will provide their reviews even if you ask them personally. But if you connect the task of requesting your regular business processes, it becomes second nature, and your reputation online will help improve your business.

  10. Continue to strategize and put it into practice

    After the transaction has been done, don't stop it there. You need a long-term strategy to keep your business on top with your happy and satisfied customers who wrote a review for you. Continue in keeping in touch with your network even after your official business has ended. When a large audience knows your name already, you won't have to wonder how you get online reviews for your business.

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