How to Create a Great Guest Post and to Find Guest Post Opportunities (updated 2021)

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Are you looking for tips on how to write guest posts? Businesses and bloggers should already know the benefit of Guest Posting as a lead generation strategy. Guest posting is a powerful strategy to make your business known by a huge audience online.

Some businesses and bloggers’ problem is that they don’t see the opportunity to create content for other websites as they only think that it would be good to focus on their own business and publish blogs on their own websites.

If you’re one of those people, you must know that you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

In 2020, guest posting has become one of the most excellent digital marketing strategies to gain more leads, attract customers, reach a huge audience, increase brand awareness and organic traffic, target potential clients, earn more money, and increase traffic on your website. A lot of online business enthusiasts are utilizing the benefit of guest posting.

If you are convinced with the benefits of guest blogging to your business, this is the perfect guide for you on how to start creating a great guest post and find guest post opportunities. Here are the proper steps on how to achieve that.

1. Write for websites related to your brand

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If you are writing a guest post but haven’t seen an improvement in website traffic, you may want to re-evaluate the brand you are writing for.

Here’s the first question you should consider first: Is the website you are writing for related to your brand?

Remember that you are helping brands with their online marketing, website traffic, and lead generation. How can you provide the right content for them if your business is not directly related to their brand?

For example, if your business is about food and a healthy lifestyle, they avoid creating a guest post for brands related to technology, entrepreneurship, investment, etc.

Make sure that you write for the website with the same on your brand or services. Make sure that your target audience is also similar to them.

Even though you have high-quality content that can surely attract an audience, it won’t do you any good if it is not published on the right website. You don’t need to worry about turning down a guest posting agreement if their brand doesn’t fit with yours.

2. Reach out to credible publishers and blogs

You can do nothing if you sit there and wait for people to contact you about writing a guest post for their websites. Unless you already establish a reputable and well-known website, anyone would directly message you. It would be best if you were proactive in reaching other publishers that could benefit your website.

However, it is essential to make sure that these prospective websites that can publish your blog can help add credibility to your business. You also need to research and find sites that already have a lot of website traffic, for the reason that it could benefit a lot when you find the right publisher to post your blog for a startup online business.

3. Show off your unique voice

A guest post should contain high-quality content that catches potential clients in a large number of audiences online. New audiences don’t know who you are and what brand you are promoting with, you need to make your own unique voice to establish a relationship with your readers in order to give off a positive first impression. It would be best if you let your readers recognize your brand and the niche of your writings.

Make sure that you don’t disappoint your audience, as your guest post should reflect on your brand. You don’t need to pretend to be something you are not.

If your writing style is funny, engaging, or happy, continue with that unique style. Just make sure that your audience will like your content.

4. Write a strong introduction

A large audience that can see your guest post won’t visit your website unless they read your post. 43% of the audience scan through posts and articles, explaining why content won’t get read entirely.

If your introductions are not appealing enough to hook your audience, the potential client won’t have any reason to read the rest of your post and even visit your website. Introductions are an essential part of a guest posting.

5. Include links to your own website

It doesn’t make sense if your guest post doesn’t have a navigation link to your website. Don’t expect that the audience will take time and effort to google your brand and visit your company. Nobody is going to waste their time taking that many steps.

Instead, include your website links via natural hyperlinks within the content of your blog. Do not forget to include backlinks in writing your guest blogs. If you do this correctly, your audience will click the link and possibly become your customer.

Backlinks can also make a positive impact on your rankings in SEO. As a result, your brand will increase organic search traffic.

6. Tell your story

In writing your guest post, make sure that you introduce yourself properly to the readers. Any audience won’t attempt to visit a website that they are unfamiliar with. Make sure that you give them a reason to visit your site by telling your story.

Tell your story to your audience in a way that they will trust your brand. Getting their trust will improve your credibility. Allowing your readers to know you are legitimate increases the chances that many clients will navigate to your website.

7. Encourage the site to promote your guest posts

Don’t take advantage of writing a guest blog for someone else and think that you have the authority to make decisions for that brand. Gain their trust and ask them politely to share your guest post on their social media pages. You can also ask them to send an email to their subscribers.

A nice approach you need to do is asking them in a good manner by offering to return the favor you gave to them. Also, make sure that your interest will also benefit them.

8. Track your results

You can track your results by using analytics and tools, like creating UTM parameters. The results will show that your guest postings are working or not.

9. Keep writing

Don’t assume that one guest blog is enough to spike your website traffic, continue to write high-quality content for your blog. If you keep on writing, you will surely learn new things to improve your guest blogs, as well as acquire experience for yourself.

Don’t settle for one website that you had success with, reach out to other brands as well. Write as many as possible, so you can also increase your website traffic.

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities

Looking for a publisher or a blogger to guest post your content could benefit your brand. However, your business needs to find relevant sites that reflect your niche or brand. Make sure that your brand can benefit from the guest post opportunities. Here are the 7 ways to find guest blogging opportunities.

  1. Google Search Operators

  2. Prolific Guest Bloggers

  3. Competitor Backlinks

  4. Social Searches

  5. Target Guest Post Sites

  6. Buy Backlinks from a Trusted Vendor

  7. Join and contribute to online communities


Ensure that your guest blogging content is focused on your niche, brand, or industry. The content should be appealing to the audience so that they will be interested in visiting your website. Your target here is to make your brand reputable, increase credibility, gain more website traffic, and earn more income.

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