How to Attract More Clients as a Lawyer

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Lawyers are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about delivering great legal services but marketing is a different matter that many of them do not know how to do effectively. If you are a lawyer who wondered why all the web marketing efforts you have made did not bring in the customers you wanted, you may need to think back and reflect on the action you made. 

To sell your services as a lawyer, web marketing is one of the best strategies that you must utilize. Specific legal transactions and practices that you offer are easily accessible by potential clients if you increase your visibility as a lawyer with an effective web marketing strategy. Even being the best attorney around will not get you your desired clients if you don’t make yourself known. Also, never assume that your referral will get your business up in the current economic state. 

All the other lawyers, also your competitors, are working hard to get their services out there, claiming that they can provide the best legal advice and practices, making it hard for clients to figure who is indeed the cream of the crop. To get an advantage among all of them, advertising yourself online is one of your best approaches. 

The Internet has made it easier for you to advertise yourself and your services, Ironically, it has also made it more difficult to attract clients because of the competition. So to create your law firm’s reputation online, you need to allocate effort and time. If you are targeting more clients this year, here’s what you can do. 

8 ways you can do to attract big clients

1. You must take advantage of the privilege of free law firm marketing options

Before you invest a lot of money in advertising your services, make sure you know how to take advantage of the open marketing opportunities out there. For instance, Google listing is free. You can claim it and complete all your information required to make your Google My Business profile. Your profile will show on the search listing as Google allows clients to search locally in your area or browse on the web.

2. Position yourself as a thought leader

Whether it’s personal blog posts, videos, or monthly newsletters, the content on your website will depend on your target audience.

One great way to make sure you gain popularity is by utilizing live webinars such as Facebook live sessions or other multimedia platforms. You can also gain interest from targeted clients by making compelling videos, where you can address specific legal topics or provide your audience with the answers that they might have a question or inquiries about. On the other hand, you can solve a legal issue and post it on social media or your website.

3. Your website must contain educational content and promote it in the right places

Today, the law industry is becoming more competitive. According to the American Bar association, around 1.3 million attorneys are in the U.S. alone.

If you want your law firm’s reputation to reach sky-high, you need to write informative content and post timely articles on your website. You also need to regularly update your clients by approaching them through social media pages. 

When it comes to having a successful law firm website, you need to focus on your content. Get your content right, and everything will be good. Once you have a strong base of high-quality written content, develop and make these into attention-grabbing graphics such as; 

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers

Also, make sure you also share these on your social media accounts.

4. Build a meaningful relationship with your clients

Having a profitable career is what most law firms want and building a relationship with your clients is more than just making money out of cases.

Your website ads and services are what your clients will approach you for but spending time and effort to build actual rapport with them is the factor that can make them stay. With this relationship, you have their trust and their recommendations. 

This might be going the extra mile but showing your clients that you are more than just a money-hungry lawyer should be a part of your business goals. 

5. Prioritize online reviews

Always put in your mind that 92 percent of the clients read online reviews before they decide to hire a lawyer. If your past client is satisfied with your services, they will leave excellent reviews so make sure your law firm is easily reviewed on websites such as Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and other online review platforms. 

To encourage your clients to leave online reviews, make sure you present them with many opportunities and reminders. You can message them through social media, newsletters, and other forms regarding how much you value their comments on the services you provided.

You can’t please all your clients and at some point of your career, you are going to receive a bad review or two. To minimize the damage, start by apologizing to your client and acknowledge your fault. To pacify the situation, you can offer a follow-up service. 

6. Focus on securing referrals and make sure to take steps to multiply it

It is a good thing to get an existing client base on referrals. However, you need to cultivate your popularity to get glowing referrals.

One of the most efficient ways to gain referrals is through blog posts. To maximize the marketing impact on your firm, make sure to regularly produce high-quality content. Other ways are to speak at a local event, teach, host webinars, and advertising. 

Now, to expand it, and to gain more attractions from customers, focus on a group. Take time to cultivate relationships with them and ensure that you provide them with the services they need. Do not forget to reach out, or even to encourage them. Always thank them for choosing your law firm.

 7. Create a quality website

No doubt leads from your website are clients who are digitally knowledgeable. Ideally, to make your website attractive, make it unique and aesthetically appealing.  Focus on the quality of your online presence and provide remarkable content to publish. Infuse elements such as achievements and credibility and make sure your website is user-friendly. 

8. Claim your presence online

Your website will provide a significant impact in attracting clients so build a good reputation by participating in local community events or sponsoring organizations. Design your website with a positive approach in mind. 

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