How Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

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Guest posting is one of the best digital marketing strategies where business firms complement their impact on gaining attention from an online audience. In simpler terms, guest posting or guest blogging means creating an article for a brand and publishing it on someone else’s website or blog.

Bloggers and business firms nowadays have a need for good content, and Guest posting also builds a relationship as you are going to publish someone’s blog and vice versa. Bloggers are tremendously influential in social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so having a good business relationship with them is surely beneficial to help grow your online business.

Guest posting also introduces your business to new people, and the best part is that you can get a lot of leads from potential customers. It is great that your business can easily enter an already-established community and post your blogs and if you do things right, you can reach a large audience and connect with new people. It can also benefit your business partner as you help them promote their products and services. Asking for opportunities to guest post on others’ blogs is also a good idea as this also allows a good relationship to develop between you and your business partner.

At this moment, online businesses are looking for an approach to engage guest posting. The best practices for guest blogging for brands takes a lot of consideration. A frequent question every business owner keeps coming up with is how to start and approach guest posting.

Here are the 10 best approaches you can do to help grow your online presence to clear things up.

1. Selecting the right Digital Agency partner

Guest posting can only be a successful digital marketing strategy if you find the right digital agency to partner with. Your best bet is to work with credible digital agencies as it is difficult to manage all the processes in your business. It could take a lot of your time and effort just to be aware of what is happening. However, you can set the parameters as the key to solving several problems around the right digital agency partner. You can always select the right partner who can share the ethical values of doing guest posting.

2. Test a sponsored content platform

If you want to have a successful guest posting campaign, take the path of having a transparent, ethical, and meaningful sponsored content platform. You can eliminate the agency and go directly to quality bloggers that can share your content. Businesses can simply go on the platform, make an agreement with their publisher, vet his metrics, and place an order for a fair price.

The sponsored content platform offers 24 x 7 customer service, money refunds, personalized dashboards, etc.

3. Relevancy in doing guest posting

Being relevant to your guest posting greatly helps gain an audience or traffic to your business. Take responsibility for all the processes, especially where your mention and link are in.

Make your guest posting relevant, ask your agency to make a list of top bloggers related to your niche. For example, if you are a tech company, do not ask for fashion bloggers or food and diet bloggers to guest post your articles. It makes sense if you choose the top technology blogging sites if you have a tech business as your content should be relevant to the bloggers that guest post in your articles.

4. Avoid blog networks

Blog networks can be a trap to avail of guest posting services manually. If you are looking to make your business knowledge to the society, please stay away from Facebook communities and groups offering guest posting services. They are not advisable ways to promote any brands and can cause a huge problem, it is best to stay away from them and focus on working with the best ones.

5. Create quality content

The core requirement to have an appealing advertisement is having quality content to publish. You can only do that if you are going to invest in the best quality content writers since any well-known blogger is not going to publish content that is of poor quality.

Your digital agency can help you find the best writer for your niche, if your content is appealing then imagine the traffic it can drive towards your website.

6. Stay away from link resellers

Link resellers can make any business regret allowing them to guest post brand content. They created a big mess on the internet, so you should be aware of them. They try to convince you that they do not care about brands, publishers, or anything, but they are only focused on getting money through manipulation. Link sellers can destroy your business, just like what they have done with companies and corporations on the Internet.

7. Be aware of sharing your links

The most common problem of engaging guest posting is being unable to know where their links are. You do guest posting and you have the agency, so you should be aware of where your links are.

A business owner needs to be aware of all the places on the internet where their brand’s links have been mentioned. Your digital marketing agency can help you track your links by creating an excel sheet with the live URL so don’t forget ask your agency to keep your links on track.

8. Be patient with the results

Patience is a virtue, and so is with the process of guest posting. Be patient as guest posting takes some time to grow and develop, however, your agency can greatly help you to maximize the results.

The guest posting starts showing results in three months. So, it is expected that your business will have improvements in traffic and has gained attention from the audience in the span of those months. You will also experience better metrics and performance markers for your website.

9. Prioritize traffic and audience

What strategies do you need to get leads and high traffic? That must be answered and should be the key factor as your expectation from guest posting. Guest posting helps your brand gain more incoming traffic and attract an audience to engage with your business. If you fix your goal to prioritize the best practices of guest posting, you will ensure great website traffic. Fix your goals on reaching the crowd online, and be sure to have quality content.

10. Do not settle for publishers below your standard

Your digital agency will look for a top publisher who can guest post your content. It would be great to elaborate on the benefits if you decide to partner with a certain publisher that is known for reputable works.

Settling for the best publisher would be beneficial to your business, so settle where your links will be with your agency at the very outset. Only settle for the top line to gather more traffic and prospects for further development.


Guest posting is an excellent strategy for extending your reach and boosting the reputation of your business online. If you want to land more customers and get more traffic, you should take guest posting seriously as it is a publishing opportunity that eventually takes your featured blog or content to new sites.

Many business owners believe that guest posting is the most important strategy for growing your blog readership and platform. That is why many brands today are looking for the best bloggers to partner with and introduce their services to a new audience. Guest posting is also a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out.

If you aren’t satisfied with your blog traffic, what you need to do is post your content to other people’s blogs. Start your guest posting today, and see how much your influence grows. 

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