6 Ways to Advertise Your Law Firm Marketing Business for Free

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Law firm marketing business nowadays needs to boost their visibility in the online market as clients are now often searching for attorneys through the internet. When advertising your legal services online, you need to choose the most efficient and successful techniques to attract potential new clients and retain the existing ones. 

Today, most people would rely on purchasing necessities virtually because of its convenience. The same goes for potential clients who are looking for legal services without moving an inch from where they are. 

Advertising your law firm marketing business online is a very handy trend that gives attorneys the option to advertise their practices through the Internet. This can be done by leaving digital footprints such as business websites or creating a presence on social media. Sure, all of these are achievable. Hiring a website developer to create your website for you is everywhere and approaching a social media manager can assure you that your social pages are updated and comments and messages are well-taken care of.

You can even do it yourself! However, the most vital thing is the search engine. Potential clients are more likely to approach you and your services when your website is ranked among the top results. This is why a well-maintained online presence is one of the best techniques for effective web marketing. 

For this reason, it is apparent that in addition to law firm advertising online, the firm has to ensure that it can be easily found when searching on the web. However, a law firm advertising strategy doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are ways to advertise your law firm practices without spending a lot of money or even for free. If you are thinking about advertising your services, here’s a list of six free places to market your firm online.

1. Facebook and other social media platforms | Law Firm Marketing

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Facebook is a famous online platform where you can create a business page and post the services you can offer. This social media site is accessed by 223 million users in the United States alone. One of the great benefits that businesses can get from Facebook is free advertising. 

Facebook makes it easier for clients to search which lawyer can help them with their cases. The social media site has a recommendation tool to type the business name and recommend its services. They will be prompted to choose your page, and you will get notified that you have been tag with a good recommendation post.

It is convenient to use Facebook to upload your posts, and services related to your firm and promote them for free. Other social media platforms that will also help you advertise for free are Instagram and Twitter. 

If you don’t know it yet, social media platforms are the easiest way to become famous these days. So, there is no time to waste and start creating your social media page on different platforms. It is for free, so don’t hesitate to advertise your law firm’s marketing practices and other services.

2. YouTube

YouTube has a larger search compared to Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL, and other platforms. Surprisingly, YouTube records over 3 billion searches every month. This tells business owners how important it is to utilize Youtube for free advertising. Whether it’s a local small law firm marketing or an international organization, posting videos of your practices can help your business. However, the recent years, YouTube has become quite competitive between business owners. It is quite hard for smaller law firms with lesser views to rank on the top results but nevertheless, it is still a good platform to get your legal services out there. 

3. Google My Business | Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Google My Business is a great tool that a law firm marketing should utilize to list their business on Google. If you use Google My Business platform, your potential clients can easily find your firm with Google Maps or Search. This tool is completely free and is very helpful for both customers as well as your firm. Google My Business even makes it easy for your clients to find directions to your office. 

The platform allows you to create a Google business page where clients can add their reviews. You can also edit hours, add photos, and even post updates. Google My Business can greatly increase your online presence as well.

4. Bing Places | Law Firm Marketing

If you did list your law firm on Google My Business, it doesn’t mean that you can skip listing it on Bing. Try to take advantage of these platforms and gain leverage by creating a profile on all of them. This technique will also help you drive traffic to your website. 

Bing has local listings as the top search results. It is also for free so there is nothing to worry about expensive charges. One good thing about Bing is that it is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

If you have set up your Google My Business account, it would be easy for you to list your law firm on Bing places. You can import your profile from GMB, and it will be automatically set on Bing places. However, if you don’t have a GMB account, you can manually list your law firm business.

To list your small law firm on Bing, visit bingplaces.com. 

5. Yelp | Small Law Firm Marketing

Speaking of reviews, everyone should definitely try Yelp. Yelp is an online review site which is frequently used by prospective customers as a business information source. Like Google My Business, Facebook, and other platforms, Yelp advertising is helpful for law firms to get preferential ranking and placement.

You can create your page through Yelp for Business owners and utilize Yelp’s full use by adding photos, logos, encouraging happy clients to leave good reviews, and responding ethically to negative reviews.

6. Justia

Justia is one great online platform to advertise your legal practices where you can create a Lawyer profile that appears on their site. You can modify your Law Firm profile on Justia with pictures and links to your social media accounts,

Additionally, your Lawyer’s profile on Justia will also appear on the Legal Information Institute. Justia, for over the years, stands out in the law firm competitive market because of the legal marketing features you can utilize. If you want your small law firm to be widely known, make a profile on Justia.

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