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Local SEO services – Nowadays, our world is focused on the world of the Internet. Almost everything you need is on the internet. What determines which sites they go to?

It’s all about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO lets search engines show your site as a top result for a certain keyword that a person is searching for. This will allow your site to have free, organic traffic as people find your website in their search results.

There’s a lot of noise and resources out there about SEO and it might be confusing especially for beginners. 

Don’t worry. 

We’ll guide you through, step-by-step.

If you want to receive free SEO audits as you make changes to your website, we’ve got you covered too.

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Instead of struggling behind your competitors or wondering why your site isn’t being seen,
leave the SEO work to the professionals with CHKME’s competitive SEO services.

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Diverse Link Package

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Comprehensive On-Page SEO

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Logo and Animated Logo Creation

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EDU/GOV Backlink Package

Grow your Brand with
Affordable Local SEO services

Here at CHKMe, we have a team of experts that will help you create a local SEO strategy that works to increase your website’s and foot traffic. We make sure to provide you the best local SEO service reaching more prospects and continue to grow within your community even with a limited budget.

Affordable local SEO services

SEO includes organic tactics and techniques as opposed to you paying for advertisements. It usually brings a bigger flow of organic traffic to your business website. These factors will benefit you by saving your money in the long run. That’s why a great local SEO campaign can make a positive impact on your firm at a minimal cost.

Brand Visibility

When prospects google for services or products, and it happens you offer that, you want your business site to appear on top results! That’s what a local SEO agency achieves. Because of this, at the very least, SEO considerably increases your brand exposure if not your clicks and sales too.

Why Use Affordable Local SEO Services?

Around 70% percent of clients research a brand online before they decide to purchase a product or make any business transaction with them. The reason is that prospects need to build confidence, familiarity, and trust with a company before procuring from them. When we say prospects search for a brand online, they usually use Google to look for products or services.

If your firm doesn’t appear on the first page of Google searches (especially for local search results), then your potential clients are seeing your competitor’s website instead!

What you want is to utilize affordable local SEO services so that your brand ranks high on Google’s search result pages. This puts your business above competitors and ensures that your brand gets a greater flow of proficient traffic to your site.

Benefits of Affordable Local SEO services

We have learned what SEO is and how it helps your brand’s website to rank for certain keywords but let us talk about what that really means for your firm. When your business site appears on the first page for Google searches relevant to your brand, you will see an organic increase in website traffic, ultimately foot traffic and brand awareness. 

What is so significant about affordable local SEO service is that your tactics are optimized not just for SEO but for local SEO. It is good for a local store to have a different strategy than an online store, so you want your SEO agency to reflect that too. Especially for campaigns, it can make or break your site’s SEO visibility score. SEO visibility score is defined as the percentage of clicks you receive and tells how well your site performs in organic search results. 

A local SEO service can bring traffic not just to your website but also to your physical address, sending more direct foot traffic to your store!

What makes CHKMe the Best Local SEO Services provider?

We make our affordable local SEO services unique and beneficial to all local businesses. Our experts do a site analysis to better understand your brand and what needs to be improved. Then, we provide you with an equally unique strategy that will help boost your site without sacrificing brand integrity or what we call white hat SEO.

We offer you the best affordable and all-inclusive services. We don’t just talk. We have a track record of positive results from giving our best local SEO service. We have a large team of different types of specialists that are experts within their field. So, grab your best chance and choose us now!

Many local SEO companies may promise the moon and fall short. Our approach is different — we evaluate our metrics based on not only search volumes, but real measurable impact on business and sales.

Proven SEO Success! Client Reviews

Bri L.

Highly recommended!! Found CHKMe after several months of searching for the right web design company and, frankly put, being disappointed. From the first consultation to the end product (which is exactly what I wanted!), the team has been extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. I wanted an easy to navigate, colorful and positive site for professional blog--and thats what I received. It reflects my taste and helped transfer my reader easily from my previous site, AND gives new readers a good feel for what I do. The entire process was seamless, professional and honestly exceeded my expectations. From my ideas to their execution, or even communicating changes, all very smooth. I plan to work with them for beefing up my marketing too! If you're like me and have too much on plate to try serving up your own site, check out CHKMe!

Sara W.

Very responsive to my queries. Although I had my initial doubts because of how new I am to SEO, I decided to try out their service despite my limited budget. But, Im glad I did because they have definitely proven to produce quality customer service and professionalism.

Starting OFF with SEO?
Start Here!

There are countless things that can be done for SEO. Where should you start?

Here’s a handy checklist to get you started with SEO (search engine optimization) for your site.
At CHKME, this is the basic list that we do for our clients to ensure their online marketing success.

Contact us for a free consultation and see which services are best for your business.



An SEO strategy is the key to getting higher Google rankings and more organic traffic (and traffic that continues to increase)!
A great SEO strategy performs an in-depth site analysis and makes use of white hat SEO.
White hat SEO ensures that your brand ranks high on search results and at the same time keeps your quality brand image intact. 

It is made by planning out the steps and approach to showing your website
on the front page of Google’s search results and targeting your ideal demographic and audience. 

This strategy also includes a mobile SEO checklist.
Nowadays, more people are searching through their phones.
You would want your site to be responsive to mobile search as more and more consumers are looking towards
mobile search results to guide their website browsing and online purchases.

Don’t worry, we also offer mobile SEO services to tick off every box in the mobile SEO checklist
And of course, help you stay on top of your game. 


On-page SEO refers to optimization that you can do on the front end of the website.
This means what is visible to both human audiences and to crawl bots on the pages on your site.
When search engines crawl (go through) your website to analyze the data that is on it,
it will be able to bring up your website when someone searches for a relevant term.

We will guide you through the various things you can do to optimize on page,
such as title tags, alt text, site performance, and more.

On-Page SEO is critical to drive organic traffic to your website. Learn how! 


Off-page SEO may not be seen on the front side of the website…
But it is a critical factor to any SEO strategy!

Find out the benefits of backlinks, what kind of linking there are, the effects of each,
and how to make your website be trusted by search engines and clients.
This is where we talk about buzzwords such as “guest posting”, “domain authority” and “backlinks”.


You can’t deem something a success in the SEO world without some metrics to back it up.
This is where SEO tools prove to be a fundamental feature of your marketing and SEO progress.

Learn how to analyze SEO factors, metrics, and how to use the proper tracking and analytics tools to measure your SEO success.
We will guide you on how to use Google analytics, free SEO tools, free Chrome extensions,
and popular programs such as Screaming Frog to make your website excel.