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Tag: Yahoo

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Why SEO is important, this is what people usually ask and yes, don't worry, there is an answer. For every time I finish a website there is always an happy and satisfied client who leave the office and says me thanks but every time I stop and ask them "what does it means having a website?".

SEO Tip: A website is yes a shop but you need to play well with it.

Our website is our Shop!

Common answer, isn't it?

Yes, a website is like a shop, if it's not just a personal blog of course.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

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by Gianpaolo Emanuele


Someone asked: What about PageRank?

Don't pay attention to your PageRank. Yes, you don't need to pay attention on it, especially if your website is new.

So what to do to advertise? Stay away from people who sell optimization, voodoo dolls, don't buy books, don't buy ad-words...

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