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Tag: Seo

by Ione YoGem

I know, many people probably think that thinking about web hosting as an important SEO tactic is just a urban legend but fact shows that it's not.


Search engine giant Google in fact stated many times that a slow website will rank lower compared to a faster one and a cheap web hosting can be cause of bad ranking.

Of course there is cheap and cheap, we can talk about cheap hosting prices and cheap hosting servers or affordable prices and good hosting servers.


All depend, but be sure to chose always a web hosting that offer affordable or cheap prices for their hosting services but that are reliable and fast.

by Ione YoGem

A Joint Global Campaign against SEO Abuse and Backlinks

It is becoming in this day important to pay attention about quality of backlinks in order to avoid to be penalized but this topic is full of myths that need to be busted. In order to bust a myth I believe it's important first of all to explain what a BackLink is.


by Ione YoGem

Let us begin by recalling briefly what SEO and PPC are.

While they are both strategies employed to direct traffic to websites, they differ in how they do it.

PPC, the abbreviation for Pay-per-click, is the type of online advertising, where an advertiser typically bids on keywords/phrases relevant to their target audience.

by Ione YoGem

When Speed can become a penalizing factor... let's talk about it.

Many people won't believe it, but it's said that most of the websites out there are running powered by cheap hosting companies and it's ok... unless you are planning to have a good number of visitors.

When I started with ChkMe I was one of them.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

I recently had the opportunity to Fix the Grader and PageRank Tool: are working... Great! - Big surprise - I also discovered that PageRank has Returned!

I mean, many Google's Developer and Experts said in past months (if not years) to avoid paying too much importance to PageRank.

Now, why they say something like "PageRanks is not important" and then in less of 4 months they change the PageRank Code (Hey Google!

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Why SEO is important, this is what people usually ask and yes, don't worry, there is an answer. For every time I finish a website there is always an happy and satisfied client who leave the office and says me thanks but every time I stop and ask them "what does it means having a website?".

SEO Tip: A website is yes a shop but you need to play well with it.

Our website is our Shop!

Common answer, isn't it?

Yes, a website is like a shop, if it's not just a personal blog of course.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

SEO Star - ChkMe Free SEO Tools


I never thought and never was aiming to success. Well, success is a big word but for me it's really important.

Thanks to you all that every day visit Check My SEO ( and thanks also to the core optimization of GC3pro, my not so famous CMS, since the publication of the new Check My SEO,, along with, in one month our Free SEO Tools Home gained it's first PageRank point.

Yes, a SEO Star point appear in our badge, the first one.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

SEO Doctor, be prepared to pay while it's proven that the best way to optimize your website is inside your website, don't pay doctors, do it free with

More the time pass and more I see how many companies are appearing in this wild world web called Internet.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Simplicity is a key factor, of course. It's the reason why we created and today we received a nice email from Jayde promoting SEO Rush. Practically SEO Rush seems to copy the ChkMe style, talking clearly and giving advices on how to fix any possible SEO issue.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Website Free SEO Tools for Google, Yahoo and BingSince the beginning we never thought will be easy but today we are certain that is slowly becoming popular and it's all thanks to you.

We never aimed on showing too much advertisement and in fact we decided to remove all the advertisements.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Search Engine Optimization - SEOSince one of my friends asked me to explain a bit better why a lot of Guru and SEO Websites are appearing on Internet, I decided to say what SEO really means.

SEO is not a magic word, you don't need a magic wand or a voodoo dool to activate it.

by GianPaolo Emanuele

Check Me - Seo ToolsCheck Me - PageRankCheck Me - Site Ranking

Powered by YoGem ChkMe, developed by YoGem, is a suite of free tools able to check your SEO score and reading your free SEO report, your PageRank as well site Ranking using our Free Website Grader, comparing Alexa, Google, Yahoo.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele


Someone asked: What about PageRank?

Don't pay attention to your PageRank. Yes, you don't need to pay attention on it, especially if your website is new.

So what to do to advertise? Stay away from people who sell optimization, voodoo dolls, don't buy books, don't buy ad-words...

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