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Tag: Google

by Ione YoGem

Google Organic.. Local?

Keyword Ranking

It's a fact, Google change every now and then and between the days 20 and 24 august 2013 something silently changed, again!

Again Google changed the rules and many people involved in Keyword Ranking Check started to scream about a possible catastrophe.

All the Keyword Ranking Tools began showing strange results and unusual drops for well established and well positioned listing, so what's wrong?

The new “Penguin” update for sure have a small role but this time the “drop” is significantly related to technical changes happening to Google while talking.

The organic results seems are going to be really local and the geolocation identifier seems it's going to have less impact in searches.

Goodbye GeoLocation...

by Ione YoGem

Many people ask what does it means geolocation when searching on Google? 

Well, this is a small video I created to explain easily and without too many words what geolocation means! Enjoy and have fun.


by Ione YoGem

Bing it On… seriously!

Google vs Bing or.. may I say Coca Cola vs Pepsi?

So here is my story, I tried this Bing It On and I discovered that it's a great marketing strategy that on the long run is going to die with just one looser, the expected one.

Microsoft, after years of silence, decided that was time to kick some asses and trying to erase a big competitor from the face of the world.

They tried first with Apple and they simply failed: Apple is a different world, different kind of software and enginery.

Microsoft it's too different and following a completely different path.

by Ione YoGem

When Speed can become a penalizing factor... let's talk about it.

Many people won't believe it, but it's said that most of the websites out there are running powered by cheap hosting companies and it's ok... unless you are planning to have a good number of visitors.

When I started with ChkMe I was one of them.

by Ione YoGem

A war of Titans, I imagine like this.

Google maintain the King position, Facebook is the Prince of Internet, YouTube is the Duke and Yahoo is having troubles with the engines... Bing is just number 27.

Last year I was stating that Yahoo was the real number one, 100% SEO optimized and friendly to the user but now, one year later, positions are switching.

Google (GOOG) acquired definitively the King Position, showing to be able to attract more people than Yahoo and Facebook, yet.

Facebook (FB) is a company that is trying to climb the solid walls built by his competitors, especially Yahoo (YHOO) that found it's throne slippery and start it's fall almost 6 months ago allowing Google to jump up in first position.

Google aims to be internet's swiss army multitool, a all in one site and seems it's doing a good work also with the newborn Google+.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Why SEO is important, this is what people usually ask and yes, don't worry, there is an answer. For every time I finish a website there is always an happy and satisfied client who leave the office and says me thanks but every time I stop and ask them "what does it means having a website?".

SEO Tip: A website is yes a shop but you need to play well with it.

Our website is our Shop!

Common answer, isn't it?

Yes, a website is like a shop, if it's not just a personal blog of course.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

SEO Star - ChkMe Free SEO Tools


I never thought and never was aiming to success. Well, success is a big word but for me it's really important.

Thanks to you all that every day visit Check My SEO ( and thanks also to the core optimization of GC3pro, my not so famous CMS, since the publication of the new Check My SEO,, along with, in one month our Free SEO Tools Home gained it's first PageRank point.

Yes, a SEO Star point appear in our badge, the first one.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

Simplicity is a key factor, of course. It's the reason why we created and today we received a nice email from Jayde promoting SEO Rush. Practically SEO Rush seems to copy the ChkMe style, talking clearly and giving advices on how to fix any possible SEO issue.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

General Disclaimers and Privacy Policy

By using this website you agree that you are the only person responsible on submitting your website/domain, is not responsible of the content of reports as well we do not offer backlinks. Search engines will may create citations but ChkMe do not link back to your website and do not host images, or contents derived from a reported website.

by Gianpaolo Emanuele


Someone asked: What about PageRank?

Don't pay attention to your PageRank. Yes, you don't need to pay attention on it, especially if your website is new.

So what to do to advertise? Stay away from people who sell optimization, voodoo dolls, don't buy books, don't buy ad-words...

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