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Simplicity Is A Key Factor Seo Rush

Posted on 2010-05-27 by -

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Simplicity is a key factor, of course. It's the reason why we created SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO and today we received a nice email from Jayde promoting SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO Rush. Practically SEO Rush seems to copy the ChkMe style, talking clearly and giving advices on how to fix any possible SEO issue. Here's the original Mail:


Dear Xxxxx Yyyyyyyy,

Simplicity is a key factor when looking for an SEO tool. ZZZZzzz 
provides a comprehensive toolset that is free and easy to use:

Just type in your URL or competitor's URL, and you'll get back
important data including site info, pagerank, and more.

Keep on Promoting!


Now, what does it mean? That ChkMe was following the right path. Was first with Pumunki, the first Server Status Monitor that was talking in a human way, now is ChkMe. The others are just trying to copy our Human Internet Way.

I am glad that people are going to code tools trying to be human too, but we are the first! Maybe not well advertised but this is our style. And if someone, anyway, is copying us... is because they know we are right.

Just a note for the SEO Rush coder as well the other online SEO tools owner: your SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google-Indexed-Pages tools is not working at all, have you noticed why? Wink Yes, the other website are not ready at all with the new SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google changements, but we do! Once again, we are the first following the new technologies!

PST: D2 - 599


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