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Seo 3 Years Ago

Posted on 2013-08-27 by -

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I just found a old post I wrote in 2010 about SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO and I am posting it here... how many things changed since then? Let's discuss about it. Original Link.

SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO Tips


I was 12 when I started coding simple programs in GW-BASIC and I used to ask to my "mentore" many informations. Most of the time, he was so bored while I was asking a lot of things. He used to ask me: "If you know the answer, why questions?". Yes, by making questions it was clear I already had the answer. Now, if you are here I suppose that you want also some confirmations, right?


Yes, using a bit of logic you will understand many things and if you are here searching for ideas, or just some advices... welcome!


Here the YoGem SEO Tips:


First of all, a good content is important and the key for a perfect optimization. Must be unique, well written and related to your keywords. Did I mentioned that must be also a quality one? And don't try to repeat many times a keyword in your content, it must be natural. Mind that if a search engine will start to think that you are forcing a keyword, it will also start to act negatively on you.


JavaScript Drop Down Menus and Flash Animations: Nice things? Well, try at least to provide a textual alternative of your shiny drop down menu or to your flash animation: Search Engines pay attention ONLY to text.


Really, if you are not a big name like SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google, SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Facebook and others, don't use AJAX, Flash and other kind of scripts to show content on your site. They don't link exactly to a real page! They can show many contents in the same page!


Play well with links! Try to repeat the most important word, for example: if your website is YoGem, instead of creating the classic "Read about Us", use an intelligent "Read about YoGem Hosting".


WWW or NOT pay attention to have the correct Html Header Response. Search Engines love this kind of statuses: 200, 301/302. In poor words you must allow the search engines to understand that http://www.domain.tld belongs to http://domain.tld and vice versa.


How old is your website? How many days (months and I hope not years) is that you are not updating it? Bad... try to add... a Blog! Or open a SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Twitter account and link it in your website! Try to be friend (or enemy) of your visitors, be present, be fresh, be someone that people will see always in action! It help, really!


In many sites there's a big buzz with PageRank but stop... PageRank it's not so importand, also SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google's Coders Team asked a lot of times "Why people are obsessed by PageRank?" - Lately was also removed from the Google Webmaster Suite... guess why!?


Don't be exagerated with the keywords. Keywords must be related to the contents of your website, can be a single word or also phrases: Do everything to have useful keywords, maybe related, for example, to your links.


Is your site showing a page name like:




Try to be SEF, Search Engine Friendly - there are many way to show a nice link instead of using programming language links! Ask us or your SEO consultant or web-designer.


Are you planning to have an incredible number of back-links? Ok, stop: Think well, do you want an infinite list of trash-back-links or quality ones? Many directories and back-link websites are totally ignored by search engines.


Someone links you? Return the favor: Link it too.


Do you show a lot of images? How many of them have a good caption? (alt and title metas) - Pay attention, remember what I said: search engines likes text; a photo without a description is the same as nothing and remember that an image must be related with the surrounding text!


Regarding images, in the alt or title tag, if possible, add the words photo, foto, fotografia, or every word in your language that recall a photo. Many people search for "photo of subject" not only for "subject".


Ok, for the moment I stop here... I hope you will find this useful and remember, if you will need help, let me know! I will try to help you all.

PST: D1 - 600


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