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Reasons Of Seo Tools

Posted on 2013-10-07 by -

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Why SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO Tools?

With the first appearance of search engines and as soon internet became more and more popular and available, millions of "web designer" started to appear offering more or less nice websites. I attribute the fault mainly to Microsoft by introducing FrontPage Express.

FrontPage Express was one of the first affordable (because free) "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor that was allowing people to easy create a web page without knowing a word of HTML. The problem was that many pages were nice enough to attract business owners to hire this pseudo-designer to build businesses homepage but then complaining that they were not receiving visitors.

While many people like me were still writing code to create websites (and I still do my HTML), all this pseudo-designer created a problem that required an answer: SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO Company first and then SEO Tools.

In 2005 I was receiving many "help" request by companies that had troubles getting visitors and so my personal work load spiked
up so much that I had somehow to automate the profiling and audit task in order to be able also to write code... In may, under the domain first and then, I published the SEO Tools that every day many webmaster uses. Not the same year, but in 2006 HubSpot launched I think privately first and then publicly a similar tool. The goal was the same: Checking the SEO of a website to understand what was wrong and how to fix problems.

Since then, various different SEO Tools appeared but many of them were just not working clones, trying to create farms full of backlinks and starting appraise websites but giving absurd values that no one, of course, will ever take in consideration.

SEO purposes
are not appraise a website, SEO purposes are to optimize a website to rank better and/or correctly.

In 2007, hundreds of SEO Tools started to appears and were all just clones of clones, but some of them become even more popular than as well today some of them belongs to Fortune companies. Let's analyze some of them: SEO Tool, Browser and WhoIs

One of my favorite, it offer a very powerful feature, a SEO Browser that allow you to see what's your website appears to be if crawled by Search Engines - This tool usually never fail! You should really try it. Link

PowerMapper SEO Tool and Website Profiler

This Tool has potentials but I think that due marketing strategies they tend to show "disastrous results" to scare people in order to acquire leads and converting them in clients. I ran a report on many websites as test and I can tell you that all the alerts and warnings were yes related to some errors but none of those alerts were a real threat speaking about SEO. In fact all the websites I checked are ranking very well for the intended keywords and are rendered correctly on all the browsers despite the millions of errors that PowerMapper was showing. - This tool is a failure, try it if you want to get scared but don't think it's all gold. Link

WooRank - Cool SEO Tool - Expensive but good if you want to check just one website for free per month.

WooRank is one of the perfect clones, they created this tool by copying many of us and I know that they copied also from - Nothing wrong by the way, I am not mad. I like to know that someone did something better with other's ideas. Their SEO tool is nice, well designed and really efficient. Worth a try. Link

SEOTestTool - An SEO Test Tool Checker.. so they say!

That's a good idea too, once again a clone of seasoned SEO tools with some problems: They just resume potential problems, the test take too long to just return few infos that most of the time are wrong, I checked different websites and the count of meta tags was wrong in all cases. Link

MajesticSEO and MOZ

They are just a mention because they are now "monsters" but they think that creating new standards is the solution in order to optimize websites while it's not true, especially MOZ. Moz, creator of the DA aka Domain Authority, thinks to convince everyone to care about it and lately I had some "pro" guys trying to convince me and other clients about the importance about Domain Authority and SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google but... SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google don't care at all about Domain Authority.. So why so important? Honestly, there's a value in Domain Authority but you need to be deeply into SEO and Backlinks to understand how to obtain positive citations and backlinks and that's it, not valuable as PageRank. Link to Moz


This is a very small list of SEO Tools available out there and my point on providing this list is just to let you understand that if companies are interested in releasing a SEO Tool the reason is that there is need of SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Search Engine Optimization and that everything start in and with your website. Try to use all this SEO tools and to understand what may be wrong in it but don't forget to fix all the errors. Pay attention to websites that tend to show appraisals, SEO is not about money but about optimization of HTML code.

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