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Google Facebook Youtube And Yahoo

Posted on 2012-03-30 by -

Categorized under: homepage

A war of Titans, I imagine like this.

SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google maintain the King position, SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Facebook is the Prince of Internet, YouTube is the Duke and SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Yahoo is having troubles with the engines... SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Bing is just number 27.

Last year I was stating that Yahoo was the real number one, 100% SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO optimized and friendly to the user but now, one year later, positions are switching.

Google (GOOG) acquired definitively the King Position, showing to be able to attract more people than Yahoo and Facebook, yet.

Facebook (FB) is a company that is trying to climb the solid walls built by his competitors, especially Yahoo (YHOO) that found it's throne slippery and start it's fall almost 6 months ago allowing Google to jump up in first position.

Google aims to be internet's swiss army multitool, a all in one site and seems it's doing a good work also with the newborn Google+. Some critics about the actual privacy policy that has been completely misunderstood by many people. Still the only valid search engine also if I am starting to notice a certain not consistency in search results, especially on Google Maps and Google Places. I believe that they are changing and/or upgrading their network facilities so a mistake once in a while is not a big deal.

While Google still follow the ideals of the "Perfect Search Engine", Facebook wanna be a search engine, marketplace, advertisement platform, virtual amusement park and at the very end also social network. Maybe this strategy one day will work but they are loosing the ideal status of Social Network.

Youtube, also if Google Managed, remain a small island in this Wild Sea of Internet and it does very well. It's a virtual tv where everyone of us can be director or owner of a TV channel, it has a Small Social Network role but it's not really aiming to be one. Maybe Youtube will be the only one who will really remain in the top 4 exactly for their ideals and goals.

Yahoo is falling down. I think that they made some mistakes, they haven't invested where they were supposed to. Yahoo has been the king of social! Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Answer... What's wrong with them? They are loosing control, I understand the reasons but they need to wake up in time if they don't want to become the next MySpace (also if at the end MySpace seems to survive).

Ok, what I am trying to say with this post? I am trying to say that when building a website, creating a new startup and generally this will work also in real life... we need to have clear what do we want!

If we are going to launch a Website that is about SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO SEO Score the idea is to provide SEO Services, following ideals, yes paying attention to Competitors but never trying to become them.

Do we have a Speciality? We need to provide that speciality without trying to make our waters polluted by something it's not really in our knowledge...

I am sorry for Yahoo that remained sleeping so many times without noticing that others were trying to steal their position, I know one day Facebook will be recognized not anymore as Social Network as well many others will survive just maintaining a high quality standard for their ideals.

Being original, maintaining ideals and of course paying attention to SEO a company can remain visible for a long time.

At the end the key is visibility, your Speciality is your Category, visibility is provided by the content, content need to be SEO friendly, if you are SEO friendly you are going to be the King of your Category.

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