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Bing It On

Posted on 2013-03-23 by -

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SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Bing it On… seriously!

SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Google vs SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Bing or.. may I say Coca Cola vs Pepsi?

So here is my story, I tried this SEO Company Costa Mesa, SEO HostingCheck My SEO Bing It On and I discovered that it's a great marketing strategy that on the long run is going to die with just one looser, the expected one.

Microsoft, after years of silence, decided that was time to kick some asses and trying to erase a big competitor from the face of the world.

They tried first with Apple and they simply failed: Apple is a different world, different kind of software and enginery.

Microsoft it's too different and following a completely different path. They then tried to do the same with Social Networks (Do you know about a social named Well... it's another failed experiment), with VoIP acquiring Skype and so on. They killed MSN to migrate to the acquired Skype platform.

Now they are trying to perform CPR to Bing by starting various "nice" marketing campaigns designed to steal possible Google's Users with, a website where you can compare search results and decide who is the Winner and which may be your favorite search engine.

What people don't really notice is that how Microsoft it's desperately trying to attract peoples attentions by simply… copying!

I am not going to discuss the results that I personally obtained because it's clear that the most relevant results were coming from Google and not from Bing, the reasons are another story that I will cover in my next post.


But what it's incredibly astonishing is that the search results are visually the same!


So I imagine this scenario, that it's probably what people at Microsoft were thinking while creating Bing and this marketing campaign:

People will go to see this Bing it On website and will try to see which is the best daily search engine, they will get confused because the results are the same, psychologically a user is already pushed to then giving a try to Bing, they will visit it once and they will say, if not loudly at least they will think: Hey, it's like Google.

So people will start using Bing not because the results are less or more relevant but just because it's almost the same design, look and feel.

This may work with casual users and may be a victory for Microsoft but professionals will soon leave Bing and return to Google… or even Yahoo as the results are still not too much relevant with the searches.

Which is then my point in this Blog Post? It's easy, Bing and Google are good search engines: Both, all depend on what you want and what you need. If your idea of search on internet is about news and events, both Google and Bing are good search engines. But if your needs are a bit more specialistic, you may decide of course to use both Bing and Google, but the algorithms of Google are more reliable than the ones of Bing and you will finish finding the same infos you need at the very end instead that at the beginning if using Google.

What about your website or business company? I can only advise you to be optimized for both, it's a bad idea of being optimized only for one of them as there is no winner between the two. What I am trying to tell you is that this stupid fight between Google and Bing it's just a way to attract more customers, like the stupid fight between Coca Cola and Pepsi.

At the end, if you go in a restaurant to eat a Pizza you will be able to decide if you want one or the other. So imagine internet like your favorite restaurant, be ready to offer your product along with both of favorite drinks. Do not promote a fight between the two drinks or the two search engine, just be ready to be optimized with both of them!

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