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Browser All The Post For The Services Category

by Gianpaolo Emanuele

YoGem Uptime Monitor will be part of our Suite of Tools. It will be different for many reasons but one is the most important: Downtime Reconsideration. Many services wont provide the opportunity to take in reconsideration a downtime while we will allow this as feature for some Plans but, anyway, avoiding any kind of abuse: We want to give the opportunity to show the effective uptime and we will never allow scammers to show false results. The system is already running and we are testing some hosting providers as well some personal websites obtaining great results in terms of performance, stability and reliability of service. Actually, we are planning to have 4 kind of plans: Plans Websites/Servers Check Features Price Personal 1 60 minutes Basic Analisys Advertisement Free Pro - Alpha 5 30 minutes Complete Analisys Undecided Pro - Beta 10 15 minutes Complete Analisys Downtime Reconsideration Undecided Master unlimited 15 minutes Complete Analisys Downtime Reconsideration Undecided At this moment we haven't decided any price, we are not taking in consideration any kind of beta tester but soon we will release the Personal Free Plan. Update: We are preparing the API to access data in XML.

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